Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Note: This is again an older post which I have copied here from another blog of mine as it is relevant here. 

The snaps above were taken in MEPTA(Mauribagh Environmental Park and Training Area), Lucknow sometime beginning of the year 2009.

The ones below were taken during her second GolfRite US Kids Tournament held at LGC(Lucknow Golf Club), on 27 Dec 2008.

She did pretty okay in the local tours. But, if anyone does have some suggestions to keep her interest from fading, I will be more than happy to recieve them. Thanks.

Daddy Caddie and Daughter Dear During the Tournament

This snap below was taken after she played a tournament in Kolkata(Calcutta) on 3 Jan 09. Saurav Ganguly was the chief guest. Somehow, I managed to get a snap of my daughter with him. No, truthfully he readily agreed when I requested. Thanks to him.
At that particular moment she didn't know about Ganguly much , now she knows a little, but I am sure she is going to cherish this photograph later on in life.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


The proposed ban on anchoring of belly putters by R&A and USGA seems to have brought up a few subtle debates. I, for one haven't used or seen a belly putter(except on television)! So, my opinion on belly putting shouldn't matter to anyone,for or against, yet I seem to have one and you want to read on?

The belly putter definitely looks unwieldy when I watch the tour pros use it and I cringe when my favourite professionals walk on to the green with a long, complex(to me) belly putter. When they walk around to read the slopes of the green, I feel like easing it out of their hand through the television! Anchoring against the belly? Nah! Not for me.

My thoughts aside, I wonder how easy it is in reality to use a belly putter. The talk is that few of the tour players like Ernie Els, Adam Scott and Keegan Bradley have won major tournaments using this unwieldy belly putters and I think they wouldn't like to let the belly putters out of their bag ever!

I also wonder whether a proposed rule change can be revoked because of protests. Sure R&A and USGA would have done some substantial research into this to come out with such a proposal and now to hear all the nos and nahs may be a little frustrating, I guess.

Nevertheless, we will have to wait quite a while to see what the players want, how the PGA will be affected, how and when USGA and R&A will tackle it. Meanwhile, the discussions, the debates, suggestions and opinions will be criss-crossing hazards, bunkers, oceans and greens all across the World of Golf!

Apart from the touring pros, I wonder how the average amateur golfers feel about banning the 'anchoring' of belly putters. Sure, belly putters are not proposed to be banned, it is just the anchoring of belly putters that is not accepted by R&A and USGA. So, assuming I am talking to club golfers, weekend golfers and hobby golfers, how do you feel about the belly putter that is slowly causing ripples across the clear ocean?